Chris Schwarz
The University of Iowa
Driving Safety Research Institute

Final Report

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Distributed Simulation to Support Driving Safety Research

Over half of all crashes involve two or more vehicles. While driving simulation provides an effective way to study many crash scenarios in a well-controlled environment, it cannot capture the complex dynamics between two human drivers in the seconds leading up to a multi-car crash or safety-critical event. Examples of multi-driver simulation extend back to the 1980s in military applications, but only in the last five years have several groups begun to be active in this area to study connected and automated vehicles. The project proposes to develop a distributed simulation capability for the NADS-1, NADS-2 and MiniSim simulators. This capability will benefit all MiniSim customers who are interested in performing multi-driver experiments. A small study will be designed and conducted to demonstrate the differences in driver behavior and perception when responding to a human driver rather than a computer-controlled driver. A 50% academic appointment for a graduate student will be supported by the project.

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