Safety Research Using Simulation (SAFER-SIM)

Tier 1 University Transportation Center

Promoting Safety

SAFER-SIM is comprised of a multidisciplinary, synergistic team of researchers in human factors, engineering, computer science, and psychology who will use innovative simulation approaches ranging from microsimulation to human-in-the-loop simulation to promote safety. SAFER-SIM will sponsor research, outreach activities in STEM areas, and aid workforce development efforts in transportation safety.

Exclusive to SAFER-SIM is our ability to study how road users, roadway infrastructure, and new vehicle technologies interact and interface with each other using microsimulation and state-of-the-art driving, bicycling, pedestrian simulators. Our platform will be used to not only understand present needs, but also to evaluate and develop futuristic technologies. Building on the 2013 UTC, the 2016 SAFER-SIM UTC will use simulation technology to address the following safety topics:

  • Automated vehicles technology: assessing road users’ responses to automated vehicles, augmented reality, and in-vehicle safety systems,
  • Connected vehicles technology: assessing user responses to connected vehicles technology (e.g., V2V, V2P, I2B),
  • Vulnerable road users: examining risk factors for pedestrian and bicyclist collisions with vehicles, including high-risk groups (e.g., transportation workers, children, and the elderly),
  • Roadway infrastructure design: assessing how safely drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians interact with roadway infrastructure designs,
  • Distributed simulation technology: assessing real-time traffic conflicts between drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians through connected simulators.

SAFER-SIM will fully engage students at all levels of research and disseminate findings and techniques to the research community, safety professionals, and the public.


Our consortium consists of:
(Lead Institution)

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA

Driving Safety Research Institute (National Advanced Driving Simulator)

Public Policy Center, Human Factors and Vehicle Safety

Hank Virtual Environments Lab

Injury Prevention Research Center, College of Public Health

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation

Human Factors in Transportation

University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Amherst, MA

UMass Traffic Safety Research Program

Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory

UMass Transportation Center

University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying (in Spanish)

General Campus Information (in English)

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Madison, WI

Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory

Cognitive Systems Laboratory