Earn your Traffic Safety Merit Badge Online

Thank you for your interest in the Traffic Safety Merit Badge. This online resource will present all the information needed to earn the merit badge.

Staying safe in traffic wherever you live is getting more difficult all the time, as more and more people take to the road. Earning the Traffic Safety merit badge will give Scouts some crucial tools to stay safer when driving a car on a highway, riding a bike across town, or jogging across a busy street.


Watch introductory video here

Send us an email to let us know you’re starting: safersim@uiowa.edu. Use “TSMB-Starting” as subject line and include your unit, council, and district.

Download the Traffic Safety Merit Badge workbook to complete as you go along.

The series of videos below will guide you through the process of earning the merit badge:


Send an email to safersim@uiowa.edu with “TSMB-Complete” in subject line and attach completed workbook.

A completed Blue Card will be emailed to you upon completion.

Please allow for a couple of weeks for us to review the workbooks and get back to you.

Additional Resources:



Contact safersim@uiowa.edu with subject line “TSMB-Question”.

Merit Badge Counselors:

Dr. Timothy Brown
Jacob Heiden