Yina Wu
University of Central Florida
Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering

Final Report

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Final Report Summary

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Investigating the Effects of Smartphone-based P2V Warning using Driving Simulator Experiments

The proposed research enhances the current work of the research team on CV simulation, which includes CV technology evaluation under inclement weather conditions and CV effectiveness estimation for different warning systems (e.g., Pedestrian-to-Vehicle (P2V), Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V)). The proposed project is based on driving simulator experiments. The proposed research will explore the feasibility and effectiveness of using smartphone as OBU emulator for P2V warning. Meanwhile, this project will be helpful for understanding driver behavior when smartphone warning messages are presented under different driving mental workload conditions. Furthermore, the results of the study is expected to be beneficial for the design of smartphone warning systems under different driving situations.

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