Stephen Baek
The University of Iowa
Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Driver360 - A Four-dimensional Scanning System to Better Understand Drivers

The objective of this project is to construct a four-dimensional (4D = spatial + temporal) scanning system that can be installed in a driving simulator environment. The proposed 4D scanning system, named Driver360, will capture time-synchronized high definition (HD) videos (≥ 1080p) of a subject sitting in and operating a driving simulator from different angles. The system will then integrate the visual information appeared in those videos and construct a 3D model for each video frame and, hence, a dynamic 3D scan of the driver over time. Innovative Design and Art Laboratory (IDEA lab), directed by Dr. Baek, has accumulated substantial know-hows and relevant technologies for the construction of such system through the development of the Studio360—a 20 ft. diameter dome with 100 digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras for capturing dynamic 3D geometry of a person or a moving object.
The major outputs that will be produced from the system are (1) a set of time-synced HD videos of a driver behavior taken from different viewing angles and (2) a dynamic 3D surface scans of a driver. A huge value and many externally-funded research opportunities will be created across various facets of driving research by the proposed system and the data produced thereby.

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