Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Ph.D., P.E.
University of Central Florida
Civil Engineering
Yina Wu
University of Central Florida
Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering

Final Report

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Final Report Summary

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Evaluation of Managed Lane Facilities in a Connected Vehicle Environment

The research team will evaluate the roadways with the 3 lane types (Connected Vehicle lanes, Managed Lanes, and general purpose lanes) and the impact of different Connected Vehicle (CV) market penetration rates by microsimulation experiments. The optimal weaving length will be suggested based on the simulation results and the suggested weaving length will be also utilized in the extended simulation experiments. A CV lane will be added (or re-classified) in the extended driving simulator scenarios, while drivers’ behavior at both weaving zones and the CV lane will be assessed during the experiments. Then, microsimulation experiments will be undertaken in order to evaluate the data collection strategies of CV, the feasibility of the CV lane, the traffic conditions of the 3 lane types and their transitions based on the microsimulation results.

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