Shawn Allen
The University of Iowa
National Advanced Driving Simulator
Vince Horosewski
The University of Iowa
National Advanced Driving Simulator

Final Report Summary

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Automating the Transportation Design to Simulator Model Process

This development is proposed to the United Stated Department of Transportation (USDOT) in the SAFER-SIM program under theme areas of transportation safety affecting vehicular roadway users, enhancing roadway design processes, applies simulation technology to the transportation planning process and supports vehicle simulation safety research. The purpose of this project is to develop software tools to automate the conversion of transportation design models into driving simulation environments. This will be accomplished by demonstrating several conversions from transportation design models into driving simulator scenarios. For purposes of this development, driving simulator scenario is defined as the visual environment model and road surface definitions necessary for driving through the simulation environment. Developing a robust conversion requires that several different types of roadway design models be used to exercise the algorithms and work flow this project will produce. Ideally the test cases will vary in complexity and scale. This project will be forming a consortium of driving simulation laboratories that have ties to state Departments of Transportation. The project will call on these entities to submit design models for processing. Design models will be voted on by these participating laboratories and transportation professionals for use as test cases. Following the completion of the project, the entire library of test cases will be provided to all participating laboratories.