Kelvin Santiago
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Civil and Environmental Engineering




Transportation Data Analysis and Visualization Online Course Modules Development

Nowadays, the ability for engineering students, especially those in the transportation field, to have a clear and detailed understanding of data analysis and visualization techniques is as important as having a strong mathematical foundation. It is something that is important not only on an academic setting, but also on an industry setting thus making an understanding of the subjects a workforce development issue that is more pressing every day. The goal of the proposed educational project is creating material for a course that could be delivered online in an asynchronous format and that is focused on data visualization and analysis using MATLAB. The target audience of the course will be advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate students thus making the content ideal for those students starting graduate school or preparing to enter non-academic environments. The structure of the course will make it possible to be offered as a standalone course or as supplemental material for an existing course.