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Webinar: Dynamic Simulation Models for Road Safety and its Sustainability Implications

Submitted by Jacob Heiden

Road safety is one of the most complicated topics pertaining to the transportation sector and involves many interdependencies, and so a sufficiently thorough analysis of roadway safety requires a novel system-based approach in which the associated feedback relationships and causal effects are given appropriate consideration. To this end, this project investigated common issues related to traffic accidents by considering the major causes and influences associated with such accidents and their complex relationships with climate change and with certain economic parameters. The factors affecting accident frequency and severity are highly dependent on economic parameters and weather conditions. The economic factors and/or impacts involved in roadway accidents and fatalities, including property damage costs and injury-related costs, have always been strongly affected by various road safety concerns and, conversely, by efforts to improve road safety and/or to reduce the likelihood of future traffic accidents. However, the environmental factors related to roadway safety, though not always accounted for as well as they should be, also interact very strongly with the transportation sector in terms of environmental causes and effects alike. You can view this webinar by following the link below.

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