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Webinar:Cross-Platform Driving Simulator Scenarios to Use in the Roadway Design and Planning Process

Submitted by Jacob Heiden
In collaboration with...
University of Iowa

Creating driving simulator scenarios from scratch is a task becoming more common as research requirements call for realistic scenarios. The task of creating these scenarios can be a challenge especially for those without prior experience in the creation of 3D models. Often, the software tools required to create these scenarios appear to be impossible to learn and if not handled or understood properly can significantly delay project delivery time. As a result of recent collaboration between the University of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa, the presenters have learned which areas of scenario creation process that can be automated, which can be streamlined, and which require extensive attention-to-detail. Discussion will entail some of these best practices to streamline the process of creating driving simulator scenarios that facilitate collaborative research across different platforms. This webinar will be geared toward an audience without significant 3d modelling experience but who have skills typical of a recent engineering college graduate. You can view this webinar by clicking the link below.

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