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SAFER-Sim Paper Selected for Breakout Session at UTC Spotlight Conference

Submitted by Jacob Heiden

Congratulations to Cara Hamann and Chris Schwarz! Their paper "Safe Overtaking of Bicyclists and the Presence of Shared Lane Markings" will be presented in a breakout session at the upcoming UTC Spotlight Conference. Their work was selected out of an immense number of submissions for this conference, which will focus on pedestrian and bicycle safety. The breakout discussion sessions are an integral part of the success of the Spotlight Conferences. Attendees meet, discuss, and plan future research needs.

The paper is based on the SAFER-Sim research project "Examination of driver behavior in response to bicyclist behaviors," (see link below). Both Cara Hamann and Chris Schwarz were the Principle Investigators of this research that used naturalistic bicycling data to design driving simulator scenarios that investigated driver behavior. Cara also presented a webinar about the findings of this study (see link below). The results of this study can help formulate future work which will lead to safer roads for bicyclists and motorists.

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