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Northeastern/Mid-Colonial Student Leadership Summit

Submitted by Victoria Leitner

Over the weekend, four representatives from Safer Sim went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst for the Northeastern/Mid-Colonial Student Leadership Summit. Throughout the weekend we had the chance to listen to professional guest speakers, network, speed interview, and much more. It was a great opportunity to interact with so many people from the ITE community, as well as learn so much from peers and professionals.

The weekend began with a tour of their engineering buildings, as well as the simulators the university has. We had the chance to try out some of their simulators and learn about the research studies they are conducting. The second day consisted of guest speakers, group work, as well as speed interviews. One of our activities consisted of working in groups on a poster/ presentation discussing different ideas we had to improve students experience within ITE. Day three consisted of more differentiated guest speakers, as well as our chance to present our group work. Overall, the experience was a great opportunity to expand our network, as well as discover the many aspects of the ITE community.

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