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Joe Kearney Lecture: To Cross or Not to Cross, That is the Question

Submitted by Jacob Heiden
In collaboration with...
UMass - Amherst, Volpe

Joseph Kearney, Co-Director of the Hank Virtual Environments Lab, traveled to Massachusetts to present research to fellow SAFER-Sim colleagues at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. He discussed the results of experiments examining how texting pedestrians cross streams of traffic and compared two different approaches of Vehicle-to-Pedestrian communication technologies. The experiments were tested in the Hank Lab's Pedestrian Simulator, which is one of the most advanced and immersive such simulators in the world. A link to the abstract about this work is located below. Dr. Kearney also visited Volpe and had the chance to see and even drive some of their simulators. His visit is a great example of how collaboration can lead to new ideas and innovation.

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