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SAFER-Sim at the Iowa State Fair

Submitted by Jacob Heiden

SAFER-Sim employees attended and presented at the 2016 Iowa State Fair. Jacob Heiden, Alec La Velle, and Matt Ellefson exhibited the SAFER-Sim miniSim in the UI booth on August 14. Attendees of the fair were able to drive the texting and driving demo and see the dangerous effects of taking your eyes and attention off the road. 3000-5000 people visited the UI booth, with 150 individuals driving the simulator and 1000 individuals viewing the demonstration.
Jacob Heiden and Alec La Velle also worked at the Iowa State Fair on Tuesday, August 16. They helped present at the UI Mobile Museum, which includes a miniSim. Over 600 people visited the Mobile Museum and drove the demo which presented new safety features in cars.

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