Webinar: Using Augmented Reality to Help Older Adults Make Safe Road-Crossing Decisions

Webinar: Eval. the Effects of Coop. Perception on Avoiding Ped. Crashes for Con. and Auto. Veh.

Inv. of Merge Strategies at Ramp Area in Connected Veh. Environment based on Multi-Driver Sim System

Webinar: Understanding Bicyclists’ Behaviors Through Learning from Big Trip Data

Innovative Headlights, Studied by CSRC, Could Help Save Pedestrians, Bicyclists

Investigation of Driving Behavior at Alt. Intersection Designs and Safety Improvement

UI simulator helps cut winter traffic deaths, develop new tech

Webinar: Multitask Learning and Prediction of Baseline Driving Performance Measures

Webinar: Defining Safety-Critical Scenarios for Simulation-Based Automated Vehicle Evaluation

Webinar: Impact of Road Information Assistive Systems on Pedestrian Crossing Safety

Iowa legislators tour UI research activities

Webinar: Interfacing Synchrono & NADS for Virtual Simulation of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty receives 2021 Distinguished Service to Safety Award

Virtual Symposium - Panel Discussion on Emerging Transportation Safety Themes

Virtual Symposium - Keynote: Communicating Technical Knowledge to Influence Change

Dr. Colucci-Ríos receives ASCE Wall of Fame Award

ONLINE Merit Badge Resource

SAFER-SIM and the National Advanced Driving Simulator have created a resource that gives Scouts the chance to earn Merit Badges Online. Scouts can watch through the videos on our YouTube channel, which will guide them through the process of earning the Traffic Safety Merit Badge and the Engineering Merit Badge.

SAFEty Research using SIMulation

The SAFER-SIM University Transportation Center is dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research using simulation techniques to address the safety issues prioritized by the U.S. Department of Transportation.